Free 6 Week Workout Program (Videos Included)

You arrive at the gym, fully prepared for a great workout, with your rocking playlist cued up and ready to go.  You put your stuff away in the locker room, pop your headphones in, then head to the weight room floor.

Once you step foot on the floor, over 40 shiny machines call your name, and the seemingly endless dumbbell rack, with the bros crowding every bench in front of it, does not seem so inviting, either.

But you know what to do on the treadmill, so you decide to head over to the cardio area, and you hop on, run a few miles and call it a day.

You will train with weights the next day, you tell yourself.  But that next day never comes, you always reside to the cardio or treadmill area, and you get frustrated after a few weeks of the same boring treadmill workouts that you stop going to the gym.

That gym membership you signed up for, with your New Year’s Resolution saved to your phone, is now defunct.

And it’s not yet February.

Sound familiar?

One new client told me this above story, and how it has replayed itself consecutively for 8 years.

8.  Years.

How is this year going to be different?  I asked.

Knowing what to do would help, he said.

Let’s start and stop there.

As the example above shows, complexity / too many options can deter many from starting on something new.

That’s why we created Essentials, a continuous workout solution that gives you workout ideas, outlines, warm-ups, cardio and more, all in your mailbox.  For today, you will see an example of the 6 different workouts below:

  • Back Workout
  • Leg Workout 1 (Quads)
  • Chest / Shoulders
  • Leg Workout 2 (Butt / Hamstrings)
  • Abs and Arms
  • Treadmill Cardio (3 options)

Enjoy, try them, and please let us know if you have any questions below (you can email the questions to us) or reach out to us on social media (@ coachkevdineen and @ structurepf on Instagram )


Leg Workout 1: Level Up

Chiseled Chest and Shoulders

Leg Workout 2: Glutes and Hamstrings

Arms and Abs Assault

Here’s the workout templates:


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