Group Fitness Classes


Strength Training (offered at both 72 and 31)

Total body workout including Squats, Deadlifts, Shoulder Presses, Chest Press, Rows and Lunges with low reps and high weight.  Equipment used: kettlebells and dumbbells
This is not a cardio or bootcamp class, but rather a form-focused, strength-based outlook. 

Barefoot Strength (72nd)

In this class, we strengthen the core from the ground up. Specifically, we train barefoot in order to strengthen and solve any foot or ankle imbalances that may lead to dysfunction in other parts of the body. We will be doing self-myofascial release, total body strengthening and core exercises from start to finish. 

Equipment used: bands, dumbbells and bodyweight. 

Core and Cardio (31st)

What better way to sculpt your midsection than to combine effective high intensity cardio methods alongside core strengthening movements?  This class was designed for those who can run or jump and requires both of those skills in order to be super effective at both the core and the cardio methods.  

Equipment used: bands, bodyweight, bands, boxes, agility ladder, sled

Bells and Balls (31st)

Our most technically demanding class, B and B is a great combination of useful tips and tricks to improve your kettlebell and medicine ball techniques.  Consider this a total body workout, combining upper, lower and core challenges to change your body.  This class was can be for intermediate to advanced clients, depending on their previous experience with both the bell and ball.  

Equipment used: kettlebells and medicine balls

Glutes Gone Wild (31st)

So you want a better butt? Come tighten, tone, and train the hips, hamstrings and glutes in this targeted approach towards glute training.  Think "Jane Fonda" meets "Strength Coach" and that's where the sweet spot of this class lies. In 50 minutes you will experience a combination of endurance and band exercises, strength movements, and core challenges that will leave you wondering where this class has been your whole life.

72nd Current Class Schedule: 72nd Street Classes

147 East 72nd Street, Cross Streets Lexington and 72nd, buzz 2F

31st Current Class Schedule: 31st Street Classes

443 Park Avenue S, between 31st / 30th on Park