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Structure Personal Fitness is a two-gym, personal and group training destination located in New York City. 

If you live or work in Murray Hill or the Upper East Side, experience what a boutique fitness solution really means for you and your fitness.  

Stop in and see us!
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Precision Workout Plans
Our trainers combine to have over 50 years experience and expertise, ensuring you have the most customized workout plan possible, with 5x/week plans available.
Build Your Foundation
New to working out and hate big gyms? Perfect. Our 30 Day Trial will introduce you to the essentials in fitness without the Gymtimidation found in many gyms and studios. 
Stop Extreme Methods
Rule #1: No one gets hurt.
Rule #2: Play the long game!
Our founder's sports medicine background ensures quality is always a priority.
"working out saved my life"
~ Coach Kev Dineen ~
Start Today!
There's nothing better than having something in your hands that you can use instantly. 

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21 Day Workout Plan
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