30 Day All Access Pass

Looking for a new gym?

Structure may be for you, and if you try us out for 30 Days, you will know the difference. What makes us different?

1) Instead of a one-session 'trial' or one-week 'trial', we give you 30 days, 9 workouts and classes to see, feel and experience Structure

2) Instead of paying for space, you're paying for an experience and expertise

3) Our Coaches used to train those training at the big box gyms

4) Our methods, principles and workouts revolve around you. That's our 'Method.' Custom, tailored, appropriate workouts to your liking.

5) Community, cost-efficient and supportive environment keeps you engaged well past your 55 minute workout

6) Risk free: after 30 days, you will know if we are right for each other. And no contracts.

Sign up below and we’ll get back to you on the same day, and try to schedule your first appointment within 24 hours.

Price: $199 ** trial begins on first appointment and ends 30 Days after **