BMI is BS, part 2

Body Analysis Part II – Does this even matter?   Nope. It doesn’t matter at all if we’re talking about BMI. What is BMI? Your Body Mass Index, or even more simply, the amount of mass (lbs) distributed on your frame (height). It’s easy to find out what your specific BMI is. All you have […]

Tricking Your Triceps

The triceps are a much simpler area to target than most believe it to be.  While small isolation exercises make up most of the exercises demonstrated in magazines, the triceps complex is HUGE and should be stimulated with more integrative exercises, movement speeds, and weights.  In the next few minutes, we will review what most […]

So You Want to Lose Weight? A Step By Step Guide

Congratulations!  You have made the decision to take action in pursuit of your better self, and you want to lose weight. But what actions should you take?  More workouts?  Cardio?  Less carbs?  Less fat? While the decision making can certainly be complicated, we wanted to simplify the process into a step-by-step, feedback oriented approach. First, […]