Your Client is Always Right

“But I just want to tone my muscles.” “I want to do more cardio to lose weight.” “I’m afraid of getting too big.” When trainers hear these phrases, many turn their response into a lecture.  A chance for them to show the client how much the trainer knows, the trainer’s lecture delves into what the […]

Why We Don’t Do Extreme

Every once in awhile I will see a video or article that increases my blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate just enough to radically increase the amount of oxygen to my brain.  Immediately, I then transfer those jagged thoughts into more sequential words and phrases in an order that makes sense. This is today’s […]

24 Ways Less = More

A small list for you today, made quickly after my morning meditation.  How many of these can you identify with? Less screen time before bed (TV / phone / e-reader without blue light blocker) = MORE deep and REM sleep Less social media consumption during day = more time for workout before / after work […]