YOU work hard, play hard, and workout even harder…

Now it’s time to unwind.

Take 55 or 85 minutes to get a massage at Structure, where we combine a personalized initial movement assessment and its results and a focused approach to relieve the many pressures NYC living applies.

Lauren Ohmer is a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Thai Massage Practitioner. A graduate of the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse, NY, she has been trained in various modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, pre/post natal, and sports massage. She received her Thai Massage certification in NYC and then continued her studies in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In each massage session, Lauren utilizes techniques from her wide range of bodywork expertise to deliver personalized treatments with exceptional results.

Lauren’s deeply-rooted understanding of human body mechanics springs from her experience as a classically trained dancer. With a BFA in Dance from Butler University, she is currently in her eighth season performing with Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama where she also serves as Director’s Assistant. This passion for movement, coupled with an interest in health and healing drew Lauren to the field of fitness coaching. As a certified personal trainer, she has successfully worked with a broad spectrum of individuals varying in age and physical condition.

Having a background in the dance and fitness professions has heavily influenced Lauren’s massage practice and continues to provide valuable insight into the needs of her clients. Whether it be injury prevention, pain management, stress reduction, or otherwise, Lauren works together with her clients to help them achieve greater balance mentally and

Thai Massage: Nicknamed “Lazy Man’s Yoga”, this modality combines massage, acupressure, and stretching. Sessions are given on a large comfortable floor mat. No oil is used and all work is done fully clothed.

Table Massage: Each treatment is customized and incorporates a combination of techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, sports massage, and myofascial release.

Prices Start at $145 for a 55 minute massage and $210 for a 85 minute massage.

Discount packages (up to 15% off) are available for 3, 5 and 10-count massages, and are also available for gift cards, spouses, and as corporate gifts.