New Year’s Resolutions – We’re Coming For You!

‘Tis the season… to wonder if your New Year’s resolution was too ambitious. Sure, it’s easy to think that you’re capable of two workouts a day, meal prepping for every meal of the week, sticking to a perfectly clean diet plan, stretching, getting to bed on time, and meditating when you’re on vacation and haven’t changed out of your pajamas for a few days… But when we get back to real life we quickly realize that while we had good intentions and great ambition, we didn’t necessarily have complete practicality in mind…

So how do we adjust our resolutions so that we’re not sacrificing those ambitious goals we want to attain? Well, the good news is, there’s actually a way. But the first thing we have to do is make sure that although your goals are excitingly ambitious, that they’re also excitingly realistic. I would love to put “save the world” as my New Year’s resolution every year, but I’m finally old enough to understand the practicalities of making that a reality are just non-existent (and furthermore that my understanding of “save the world” is likely not akin to even one other person’s). However, are there things I can do to improve the world I live in that I can accomplish? Of course! And the same thing goes for your health and wellness resolutions.

If you’re a 5’5” woman and your resolution is to look like a runway model, it might be time to reconcile that you’ll likely never be 6 feet tall without copious amounts of painful (and non existent) surgery. If you’re a man over the age of 40 and your resolution was to look like a 20-something football player, it might be time to understand that without illegal substances (and even with them) that will probably not be the case.

It’s important to say though, I don’t think either of these are “bad” goals. In fact, your trainer doesn’t really judge your goals that way at all. The more ambitious you are, the more excited we are to help you (it’s true!). But what we have to assess is how to take that idea, and then tailor it to the real version of you that exists.

So for our hopeful supermodel, can we aim for fat loss and toning? Absolutely. Let’s set some goals within those fields. For our wishful football player, can we aim for agility and hypertrophy? Why the heck not?! Let’s face it, the best part of setting goals is imagining the version of you that has achieved them. When you set a goal and picture yourself at that glimmering finish line it puts stars in your eyes and motivation in your veins. The only better feeling than that is actually ACCOMPLISHING your goals. Have you ever? It feels great, huh? If you haven’t, have you ever checked something off a checklist? Submitted a term paper or work project that tried your procrastination skills? It feels freaking great, am I right? Let’s set goals that we can accomplish people!

So why don’t we set one goal above all else this year? Let’s make ACCOMPLISHING GOALS the overall goal of 2018!

Not sure what the “tailored” version of your goal is? That’s alright. That’s also why we’re here! Firstly, if you haven’t read our blog posts on Body Analysis and BMI I highly recommend you start there. It’ll help give you an idea of how we operate our approach at fitness goals and where it’s important to put focus. Second, talk to your trainer! Go ahead and chat with us or email us. We’re honestly just as excited about your health successes as you are. We got into this business to help people, so when our clients reach their goals, we’ve accomplished something too! Let us share in it, and help in it! I’ll never forget reaching my first client’s first fitness goal! I was so excited and she was astonished. When I said, “what next?” she had no clue how to answer. She’d never accomplished a fitness goal before and didn’t expect it to happen, but alas, that’s our job and most of us are proud to the bone when we help you get there!

Lastly, stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts cause we’re going all in this year! We;re going to help you set those goals, reach them, and then set some more. Welcome to 2018 – now go get ‘em!

-Coach Sami


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