Something is Always Better Than Nothing

Let me start out by saying that I am not perfect.

As a businessman, husband, brother…and more so, as an entrepreneur, manager, trainer.

Not even close.

But that does not stop me from giving to all of those aspects one thing: effort.

Too many clients fail in the long run because they try to give their all for short bursts, and find it unsustainable.

Then, because they have a perfectionist approach towards fitness (maybe they do in other areas of life, too), they give up, and their health and fitness routine, which was once at 60 mph, is now back at zero.

No movement.  Or momentum.

Do you remember this quote?

Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Sure, he’s had some good movies.  Also, some are terrible.

But he still showed up, and still put in the effort.

Still not convinced, and need more examples?

  1. This fitness lifestyle?  It’s a journey.  Not a destination.  Having a goal (destination) in mind is great, but as you get closer you may realize there are other places you would like to be, achieve, feel etc.  Back that ass up with some habits rather than more goals.  Habits that support the overall arc of feeling better as a whole are more likely to be sustainable.
  2. Something is better than nothing.  “Done” is better than, “perfect yet incomplete.”  So many times I hear that people do not have time, yet they do have 30 minutes.  A 30 minute workout is better than a zero minute workout.  3 x 30 is better than Zero x Zero.
  3. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Would you just give up and miss a meeting if you were 10 minutes late?  A doctor’s appointment?  What if you couldn’t stay the whole time?  Miss it altogether?  Having the same mindset towards health and fitness as you do your entrepreneur or business self is super important.  Show up.

In 2011, I realized that I sucked at running.  Terrible, actually.

So I signed up for a marathon.

Wait, what?

My mindset was this: if I can learn to love running (I did), and it’s currently something I suck at, what else can I learn to embrace, that I suck at, and get better at?

Chasing perfection is a near impossible task.

Chasing progress, however, is the name of the game.

One percent better, everyday.  That’s a massive multiple.


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