What Should You Eat At Dunkin’ Donuts?

When it comes to fast food, and finding ourselves with only a few options to choose from at an airport, bus or train station or rest stop, eventually we will have to eat breakfast, grab a quick lunch, or sneak in dinner at a fast food joint.

At Dunkin Donuts, you can steer clear of these 4 monsters, each for different reasons.

1)  Angus steak and egg: sure you could argue it is high in protein, but at a cost of 630 calories for only 34g, this high carb (67g) and high fat (26g) option can be avoided

2)  Big and Toasted: more like big and bloated! This fat bomb has 38g of fat, which is approximately the same as a 7.5 ounce ribeye (woah!) –

3) Oats, anyone? Here the problem is the insane number of carbs and NOTHING else…you see with the same amount of carbs as 3 sugar raised donuts from @dunkindonuts – most people will be surprised at the carb content here – but don’t be – especially with the added dried fruit…and then the eventual sugar crash a few hours later – unless you can add your own protein powder to the oats, steer clear of their version

4) Bismarck donut: what I thought was a Bavarian creme is known as this, and it certainly should be known, with a crazy, 3x sugar raised donut carb content AND same amount of fat as a 5 ounce ribeye.

“What’s the lesson here, Coach?”

Simple: there are absolutely things to avoid, some of which may surprise you, others not so much – but awareness of one restaurant and their calorie bombs may also prove true at other fast food joints.  The oatmeal is not necessarily the problem, it’s the oatmeal plus the toppings, and/or only having the oatmeal for breakfast.

BTW – Coaches and trainers who tell you to avoid these places altogether…*sigh*.  As coaches and trainers, we owe our clients much more than to tell them what restaurants not to go to, especially when we can coach people into making better decisions.

Speaking of better decisions…

If you can make every meal perfect, then you can stop reading right now…but if you’re human, sometimes you will be absolutely starving and need to know what to eat when on the road.

In addition, knowing what NOT to eat (as you can see above) can save you hundreds of calories and increase protein and satiety (how full you feel).

I will never sit upon a mighty horse of coaching and say you should not eat out while you’re traveling, and that you should only eat beef jerky, Greek yogurt or the protein shakes or bars I am selling…

Instead, here’s what’s GOOD about Dunkin’s better options:

  1. Low carb wrap: most wraps are loaded with carbs and fat, but somehow DD found a low-carb version.  Enjoy this one!
  2. English muffin: Higher protein, and less carbs than a croissant or bagel version of the same sandwich, and as you can see, only 10 calories more than the oatmeal.  WIN!
  3. Sugar Raised: lowest sugar out of any of their donuts, and less than some bagels.  If you’re going to workout, this is not a bad pre-workout source of carbohydrates.
  4. Egg white veggie flatbread: higher protein than expected (egg whites FTW) and filling veggies and additional fiber from flatbread make this one of the better breakfast sandwiches out there.

I truly hope this helps.  If you’re in the Northeast, you will most likely find yourself at a DD someday, starving and not sure what to eat.  Do they need higher protein options?  Sure!  But are these low calorie items nice to add to your morning before you get an opportunity to eat something with higher protein?  Of course.

So, you can listen to trainer Bob over there, yelling at you for even thinking of eating at DD, encouraging you to be perfect in every way…


You can choose some healthier alternatives.  And remain human.  Like the rest of us.

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