Structure = Personalized Fitness.
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Text us now to sign up for our effective 30 Day Trial, featuring:
- 8 In person training sessions
-  Unlimited Gym Access
- Custom Program Design
- InBody Assessment

All for only $299 !
*Text us  at 917-451-5030* 
Structure Personal Fitness aligns your workout to you, with your own equipment, own variations and own coach.  

We know you probably:

- Have a few dumbbells or kettlebells
- Have a few bands and a mat
- Have struggled to keep motivation
- May spend a bit more screen time than normal (forward posture)
- May miss the community within a gym or studio setting
- May not be in NYC

Whether you live or work in Manhattan, you can start your initial 30 Day Trial (and beyond) to learn:

- proper exercise order 
- fun pairings of exercises
- Hundreds of supportive instructional videos
- Alternative, sustainable nutrition strategies

Our in person gym memberships will occur at our flagship location in Murray Hill.  
Precise Workout Plans
Our trainers combine to have over 50 years experience and expertise, ensuring you have the most customized workout plan possible, with 5x/week plans available.
Build Your Foundation
New to working out and hate big gyms? Perfect. Our 30 Day Trial will introduce you to the essentials in fitness.
Stop Extreme Methods
Rule #1: No one gets hurt.
Rule #2: Play the long game!
Our founder's sports medicine background ensures quality is always a priority.

31st / Park in MURRAY HILL
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